The last few months have been the longest rainy season I think I’ve experienced anywhere. Last night there was lightning and thunder, and it will rain throughout most of the day.

Unconditional love – first, loving myself and not making anyone else responsible for my happiness; second, loving people and things for who/what they are and not needing them to change; third, back to the first. Finding a reason to be happy no matter what – a reason to love always. Wonder-working power that knows no limits in its manifestation abilities.

One of my greatest loves has been California. I knew it before I knew it. It called out to me in the most gentle of ways. I called back, and we found each other – one of my most powerful acts of manifestation to date. And I have loved California unconditionally. I understood that it (L.A. specifically) had its “flaws”: 1) traffic is worse than I have ever seen 2) it almost never rains; but I chose not to put much attention there. Instead, I’ve lived in areas where I could walk or take the metro to work, and I’ve given thanks for the ability to schedule tennis matches without having to consider the weather. When it did rain, I ran outside to soak it up and take it in.

I thought today about how much rain we’ve been getting lately, and it produced within me an even greater surrender to the power of unconditional love. I love L.A., and I love rain. I loved L.A. during its seeming rejection of God’s wet kisses. Now, here I am experiencing more kisses than I could’ve hope for, in the place I’ve loved more than any other.

I’m not saying that all this beautiful, unexpected, L.A. rain is because of me, but………





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