Magic and Wonder

Life has really been something, and I’ve had little time to reflect, journal, and document. But I have definitely been experiencing all the magic! As I settled onto my new professional path, it presented the challenges, opportunities, and successes that come with passionate work. It feels good to know that no matter how difficult the challenge, I can rise to meet it – I’m on the right path and am offering something of value to a space that needs what I’ve been given. I’ve also experienced the challenges, opportunities, and successes that come with passionate love. I have been expanding in ways I didn’t anticipate. While the core of me is the same, I am not the person I was just a few months ago. I am more.

2018 presented the opportunity to get clear and allow magic to show up and show out. I remained in a state of wonder as I witnessed and experienced the unlimited awesomeness of God. It will go down as one of the most pivotal years of my existence. Towards the end of the year, I felt like something was being added to this magical journey I’ve been on. I came to realize that I was being asked by the universe to finally acknowledge and own my power – not to just watch the magic, but to create the magic. To be the magic. It’s probably no coincidence that I brought in the new year in the same space as MAGIC Johnson and Stevie WONDER. Everything in my life has gone to new heights. Now, so must I. Actively. Deliberately. Intentionally. In 2019, I will focus my energy on honing and owning. I will live like I know who I am. More


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