I’m learning, I’m teaching, I’m learning

In a few weeks, I will be teaching undergrad English courses. It felt good to write that. I’m still in awe of how this all came to be. It’s been a journey of following my smiles, doing what I can do, and letting go. I won’t bore myself or anyone who reads this with the details, but I want to express my recognition of the process and the part I’ve played along the way. I have been following the things that bring me joy, preparing myself for opportunities, and finding ways to enjoy wherever I am in the process. And this is working in many areas of my life. As I try to pay attention to what’s happening and how it is happening, the pattern I’m noticing is that I start out with a desire; then, I put myself in the best position possible to receive that desire (this is where the work comes in), and I go about my life with a smile. The work is filled with joy and peace – a resting in the experience of the work being reward enough (if it isn’t, that’s when it’s time for a reassessment or shift in perspective). The universe then knows exactly how to take care of the desire, always much better than I could’ve worked out on my own.

I find it interesting that some of the desires that are coming to fruition in my life first appeared in my heart a long time ago. In some cases, I’d forgotten about them. In others, I had become so caught up in the fun of the work that I stopped looking for what there was to gain. For the past few months, I’ve been so captivated by the feeling of going to work each day with joy and love that I had forgotten that the experience and position had the potential to make way for the realization of other desires I’ve had. Then, seemingly out of nowhere, one of those desires made its way to me.

This is magic.

And the real fun is in being at peace with what is while knowing that there’s so much more.

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