Over the last few weeks, I’ve been full of joy and wonder as I notice the things I’ve asked for reveal themselves. In beautifully strange and unexpected ways, magic has made itself known to remind me of my co-creating power. In my career, relationships, and passions, I’ve witnessed a next-level manifestation of my desires. And in reflecting, I’ve noticed that all of these gifts have at least one thing in common: my clarity.

In its infinite wisdom, the universe chills out when I’m not sure what I want. Otherwise, I’d receive a big ball (obviously not of the tennis kind) of confusion. It does, however, present opportunities for me to get clearer than I am at that moment. The way this has worked reminds me of how Nina (my best friend of 20 years) and I became fast friends. We consistently connected by recognizing that we hated the same things.  – “You know what I hate? [pause… insert anything].”  “Really? OMG! I hate that too!” – After a while, we eliminated so much of what we hated that we were left with what we loved (and the greatest friendship known to man). Well, I recently received work that helped me understand what kind of work I don’t want, and I experienced personal relationships that helped me recognize the kinds of relationships I’d like to avoid. This has been crucial in getting me to a space of clarity. From this space, I’ve been able to call forth certain desires and wait with joy while in the process of realizing others. Yes, the process is joy. I’ve noticed that it is in the confusion about, and subsequent obstruction of, a thing that most of my angst has existed. However, my surety of something, even in its absence, feels a lot like the having of that thing, for that is the place from which all things flow.

So, I now know that the work that leads to magic is handled mostly by moving to a place where I’m clear about what I want. And there’s no rush in this. I can take my time until I’m sure. Once I’m sure, the rest is about showing up for what shows up.

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