No No No

So, I have this wonderful way of convincing myself that something I really want is actually not good for me. This “saves” me from the potential heartbreak of rejection. The less I care and invest, the less pain I’ll feel. While that may be true, here’s what’s also true: the less I care and invest, the less life I’ll live. I have let many experiences go on without me because I didn’t want to care enough to be hurt if I failed. To take it a bit further, I didn’t want to be second best. I used to believe that if someone was able to do something better than I could, I might as well just let them go for it while I find some other place to invest my time and energy. Now, to be clear, I still don’t want to be second best; however, I’m learning that not being the best at something is okay. In those cases, I get to learn from the best while focusing on being the best I can be.

Committing to this new way of navigating my life means that hearing “no” has to be okay. I must start saying “yes” to no. No need to reject myself and the life I’m meant to experience. I’ll let the universe provide the nos – because a no from the universe is usually a yes waiting to be uncovered.

There’s a reason I’m here, now, and I cannot continue traveling throughout life without actualizing this purpose to the best of my ability. When I was younger, I thought that my purpose would automatically open doors for me. I’ve since learned that that isn’t completely accurate. But why wouldn’t it? Doesn’t life want me to share the gifts I’ve been given? The answer is yes, AND the purpose isn’t just the talent, the gift, the magic; it’s also the work. It’s not a coincidence that no one I look up to has gotten where they are without a testimony of hard work, rejection, and resilience. If I am to do anything great, I will not be an exception to that rule. I must work with passion, take courage in the face of rejection, and trust in the magic that has followed me thus far.

So, I’ve begun putting myself in a position to hear “no” regarding things I’m passionate about. And, as life goes on, I hope I take higher leaps of faith that increase the possibility of no. Without those leaps, the chances of hearing “yes” are greatly diminished. But if I’ve done my work, no and yes are just different forms of the same magic.

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