From small to ALL

….I’d like to introduce myself:

I’m Clay, and I’ve done pretty well in life considering the relatively small effort I’ve put in. I’m now wondering what kind of life I can create if I give my all. Some would say I’m choosing to go from – get ready for it – small to ALL! That’s my way of letting you know that I’m also kinda corny.

As someone who is determined to reach his highest self, I have read many books on the subjects of living your purpose and being present. Along the way, I’ve noticed that reading a book on living my purpose can feel a lot like living my purpose; and time spent reading about being present can seem like moments of presence. But what happens when there are no more pages to turn? I guess there are several options:  1) stay on the last page for as long as possible  2) immediately begin the search for a new book (preferably, I’d have one in mind before getting to the last page)  3) put the book down and apply the principles to my everyday life.

– I’m really good at finding a new book –

Books can serve as great conduits that lead to the right path, but they can’t make me put one foot in front of the other. They’ve gotten me to a deeper understanding of how I’d like to live my life, but they can’t live that life for me. As I’ve gotten older, I’ve started to pay greater attention to the “magic” of life – the codes, rules, and vibrations by which the universe moves. While what I read and, consequently, believe have a part to play, they only tell a piece of the story. Another important component of the magic is the action I take based on what I believe. When these elements come together to form a fluid motion of thought/faith followed by action/work, the universe joins in to handle any circumstance that surpasses the limits of my ability. It is the work that shows the universe where my heart resides; and once this location is revealed, the universe is willing to dwell there and perform miracles beyond my power for the sake of my purpose and deepest desires.

This blog will serve as a journal to document the magic that is not always easy to see in each moment. I want to be able to draw connections between the work I do (or don’t do) and the life I experience. I believe this can serve as a tangible reminder for me to stay puttin’ in work. The journey is the work; the joy is the work; the work is work; the fruit of the work is the magic of life. While this is my personal journey, I share it with you because I believe we can all stand to see more examples of how work and magic play together. This is less an inspirational blog than it is a personal accountability tool and an open invitation to do our work together. Best-case scenario? An accountability group is formed, and we push each other to experience magic beyond our wildest dreams. So, please feel free to leave comments on the forthcoming blogs and share examples of work and magic in your life. And if you’d like to be held accountable for the goals you’ve set or need direct encouragement along the way, please submit your name to the usher and she’ll add it to our prayer list (joking…. a little). But seriously, we could all use a push or pat on the back; I hope this becomes a space for that to happen.

As magic would have it, I heard a song in the supermarket today and had to Shazam it. I love the singer’s voice, and I thought the message was so appropriate.

“Cause the best days of our lives are coming for us.” – Lissie (Best Days)


5 thoughts on “From small to ALL

  1. I love how you talk about it being important to read the books but what happens afterwards. Do we do this revolving doors of reading, conferences, training, therapy, church yet no action? The action is where the magic happens. The getting unstuck from the fear is where the magic happens.

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  2. I love how you speak of books and how purposeful they can be. We do the work of reading, conferences, trainings, therapy, church but the action is where the magic happens. Yet we get so stuck in the doing and not moving in to the being. Thank you for your vulnerability and transparency.


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